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Stock Number: EQC012374
Make: Skyjack
Model: SJ1056
Year: 2018
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2015 Terex CTT 121A-5 TS16 Image
Stock Number: 600017
Make: Terex
Model: CTT 121A-5 TS16
Year: 2015
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2007 Potain HDT80 Image
Stock Number: 600194
Make: Potain
Model: HDT80
Year: 2007
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Stock Number: EQU010604
Make: Hyundai
Model: 110D-7E
Year: 2013
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2012 Miller Big Blue 400D Image
Stock Number: 231276
Make: Miller
Model: Big Blue 400D
Year: 2012
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Stock Number: EQU008108
Make: Combilift
Model: C12000SL
Year: 2008
2008 Combilift C12000SL Details
Doosan Cushion Tire Forklifts

Doosan Cushion Tire Forklifts

responsibilities of a Forklift Operator
The most common area for forklift operators to be employed are in warehouses and factories. Their tasks would comprise the lifting and moving of materials and goods from one area to another. They must be taught to safely operate the forklift controls. Specialized training is a requirement. Drivers should have a background check and pass a drug test.

Performing Inspections
OSHA and HRSDC both require forklift drivers to carry out daily and pre-shift inspections. Forklift driver training must comprise the proper performance of safety checks to assure optimum functionality. An inspection should also be done at the end of each shift. Regular safety training must be undertaken each year.

Unloading and Loading
Lift truck operators perform tasks related to loading and unloading materials in a safe and timely manner. This job also includes the organized stacking of supplies so they are accessible.

Weighing Materials
Weighing the materials which are to be transported can be part of the forklift driver's responsibilities.

Quality Control
The driver of the lift truck would be in charge of quality control. They must make sure orders are accurate and that products do not sustain damage during transportation inside the warehouse.

Safety Awareness
A responsible lift truck operator should have exceptional skills in awareness and attention to safety. Operators should exhibit a high level of concern for the safety of both personnel and pedestrians. The operator must find the safest way to deal with difficulties, such as navigating a steep surface with a cargo. The operator will need to determine the safest route to take. An operator's training will involve learning about the forces which could cause a lift truck to tip over. The operator must be really familiar with the design and safety ratings of the forklift unit that they are operating. A forklift operator must be sensitive to the need for breaks to avoid exhaustion. Accidents connected to forklifts are more likely to happen when an operator is exhausted.

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