Stock Number: 301411
Make: Capacity
Model: TJ7000
Year: 2006

Stock Number: ATT192
Make: CAT
Model: Skid Steer Forks
Year: 2011

Stock Number: EQU002041
Make: Kalmar
Model: DCE90-45E6
Year: 2001

Stock Number: EQU007558
Make: Genie
Model: Z60/34
Year: 2010

Stock Number: EQU005190
Make: Genie
Model: GTH1056
Year: 2011

Stock Number: EQU007636
Make: Taylor
Model: T450M
Year: 2004

Stock Number: 2-18-UEATT-86
Make: Misc

Stock Number: 2-18-UEATT-97
Make: Misc
Model: CLAMP

Stock Number: 2-18-UEATT-88
Make: Misc

Stock Number: 231773
Make: Tico
Model: ProSpotter
Year: 2014

Stock Number: EQU005031
Make: Taylor
Model: TEC155H
Year: 1993

Stock Number: 2-18-UEATT-17
Make: Misc

Jungheinrich Used Forklifts

Jungheinrich Used Forklifts

Based out of Hamburg, Germany; The Jungheinrich Group is a large corporation producing lots of industrial forklifts. They have become a top supplier of industrial forklifts and lift trucks in addition to supplying several technologies related to warehousing and the flow of materials. Jungheinrich is the primary supplier of warehousing technology in Europe. Ever since the early 1950s, Jungheinrich has been providing to its industrial customers a wide variety of forklift-based products and services designed to transport supplies and tings within any type of industry. The Group is recognized for providing the most lucrative long term solution to transport stuff.

The company has developed and designed intralogistics, that is the science of managing, implementing, monitoring and optimizing materials handling and information flows. The Group offers a comprehensive variety of forklift trucks, racking systems, consulting and services, in addition to custom-made "all-round solutions" for order picking, warehousing, stacking and transporting.

The company makes platform trucks, order pickers and stackers with loading heights as high as 9ft. Also offered are racking systems ranging from rack stack frames to cantilever racks to high racking systems.

Technology consulting services include implementation and planning of complete logistic systems. The Group deals with companies that want to modernize or build new facilities. There are solutions designed to manually run warehouses, fully-automated or semi-automated.

A variety of services offer an economical alternative for every situation. Options comprise buying or renting second-hand trucks or fleet management with "full service." A range of financing options are offered.

The Jungheinrich Group operates a direct distribution network within 31 nations globally, including U.S.A., Norway, Russia, China and Spain. There are 17 locations within Germany. The Group has representatives in India, Australia, South Africa, and other locations.

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