Stock Number: EQC000314
Make: Yale
Model: ERC120HG
Year: 2003

Stock Number: 212384
Make: JLG
Model: 660SJ
Year: 2014

Stock Number: 206508
Make: Hyundai
Model: 160D-7E
Year: 2012

Stock Number: EQU001397
Make: CAT
Model: C5000-LE
Year: 2013

Stock Number: 206087
Make: Noble
Model: R80-10K
Year: 2011

Stock Number: 211355
Make: JLG
Model: 1930ES
Year: 2012

Yale Gas Forklifts

Yale Gas Forklifts

Very Narrow Aisle and Narrow Aisle Trucks: Some forklifts have VNA features or NA features. In order to function safely and efficiently, most counterbalanced trucks require at least 11 feet of aisle width. Narrow or NA trucks however, are able to operate in narrow aisles which measure 8 to 10 feet wide. Also, VNA or very narrow aisle trucks could operate in aisles that are 6 feet wide.

VNA and NA trucks offer a lot of benefits since they make it possible for warehouses to be constructed with narrower aisles. This results in the warehouse being able to successfully store many more things within a certain area, improving cube use. The loads moved using Very Narrow Aisle and Narrow Aisle trucks usually are limited to about 3000 and 5000 pounds. Reach trucks are capable of operating in narrow aisle. Rotating mast trucks, order selectors and turret trucks are able to work within very narrow or narrow aisles, depending on the specific model.

Reach Trucks: Reach trucks are especially designed narrow-aisle trucks that are designed for retrieval and storage. They are made of telescoping forks and outriggers that allow the operators to pick up a load and afterward retract it over the outriggers. These units are not suitable for moving loads quickly over long distances nor for unloading or loading trucks. Similar to the order selector, reach trucks can be available for lifting heights which are higher than 30 feet.

Rotating-Mast Trucks and Turret Trucks: Rotating-mast trucks are similar to standard sit-down forklifts. The main distinction is that their masts are able to rotate in one direction, to a 90 degree angle. This feature enables them to operate within a narrow aisle situation. Turret trucks are able to operate in very narrow or narrow aisle locations. Like order selectors, these machines are capable of lifting both the operator and the cargo. In addition, they could enable the operator to handle loads on either side of an aisle without exiting and re-entering the aisle.

Turret trucks are often rail or wire guided when used in very narrow aisles. Thus, the operator can concentrate on the work load at hand as they doesn't have to focus any energy on their driving skills. Because turret trucks are considered "operator-up" trucks, they can be utilized for item and case picking in addition to full pallet handling.

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